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ART'S Tuckpointing and Masonry Restoration
Professional restoration services in Chicago and surrounding areas!

Founded In 1995

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ART'S Tuckpointing
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Our company offers top-quality masonry restoration and local tuckpointing near me Chicago services. We have been recognized for the results delivered and cooperation. Our tuckpointing Chicago team accepts any difficult projects, as our company has the experience and the ability to fulfill customer satisfaction. We offer:

30 Years

of Tuckpointing Experience

Arthur Kostrzewa

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ART'S Tuckpointing and Masonry Restoration

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Our Services

Why only repair it, when we can make it look awesome thanks to our expert tuckpointing Chicago service. We count on our specialized tuckpointing Chicago contractors ready to shape dreams into reality.

Our professionals have the necessary knowledge to perform any kind of masonry restoration, repair, and even more. Masonry is vulnerable to scratches and cracks. Hence masonry restoration Chicago, may be required after some time.

Allow our experts to seal your house appropriately to maintain elements outside. Window caulking can prevent any leaking, as that can escalate to become a mold issue that may compromise health seriously.

After some time your chimney will disintegrate, and we surely can provide you with a proper chimney repair Chicago service. Our experts are able to deal with any kind of chimney repair that you may require.

Our company provides landmark restortaion services, We have a versatile approach to that kind of projects that permit us to maintain the strength of old buildings while allowing us to restore them and match the customer’s needs.

Hiring experts for brick cleaning services will increase the lifespan of your masonry for more years. Our company provides a large myriad of brick cleaning and chemical cleaning services for all kinds of bricks.

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Why You Should Choose Our Local Tuckpointing Services

Our professionals at ART'S Tuckpointing and Masonry Restoration have professional knowledge and the best equipment to assure the proper finish. Hiring experts is key to ensuring an awesome outcome for your tuckpointing Chicago design.

01 - Exceptional Customer Service

You can expect friendly personnel when hiring our masonry restoration and tuckpointing near me Chicago services given by ART'S Tuckpointing and Masonry Restoration.

02 - Years of Experience

Each one of our local tuckpointing Chicago experts has several years of experience. That is how we make sure that you receive the highest quality results for your masonry restoration Chicago necessities.

03 - Free Quotation

Since we want you to know everything beforehand, we give free quotations on each masonry restoration and tuckpointing Chicago project.




Step By Step

Contact Us

Our team awaits news of your project. Step one is a phone conversation regarding the details of masonry near me Chicago project including materials, expectations, and time frame.

Site Visit

We will visit your project site in order to discuss your goals and desires. We seek to completely understand your masonry restoration needs or Chicago tuckpointing project.

Material Choice

We’ll select the most appropriate materials for your project. Our comprehensive proposal will include the materials needed to fix your masonry without other bricks suffering damage.

Project Execution

Our masonry restoration team will establish a timetable as well as a date for your masonry restoration and tuckpointing near me Chicago. We comply with your deadline every time.

Final Results

Our expert Chicago tuckpointers at ART'S Tuckpointing and Masonry Restoration leave your site tidy. More importantly, we will not leave until your site is clean.


Our Testimonials

Sonarica PedroSonarica Pedro
19:36 15 Feb 23
They resurfaced the old beautiful look of one of the brick walls in our house. The brick repair was a total success and the wall is a highlight in the living room. Just wow!
Tlhologelo LokoengTlhologelo Lokoeng
16:18 24 Jan 23
We had a chimney repair because the brickwork was in a very bad state. They did a very competent job, the workers were friendly and completed the repair on time as planned. Our chimney looks like new.
Christopher WilliamsChristopher Williams
13:45 03 Dec 22
The grout on my chimney popped out. Brick repair crew completed the work promptly and efficiently. They cleaned out any old material and then tuckpointed and caulked where needed. Great job.
Kenneth KelleyKenneth Kelley
16:12 28 Nov 22
The chimney repair team rebuilt our chimney, which was in a bad shape. We are extremely pleased with their service, promptness, and quality of workmanship. Did a great job of matching our old brick.
Mihalak MetzkerMihalak Metzker
06:55 16 Oct 22
The chimney repair specialists were friendly, honest, and very professional. They explained what needed to be done in detail and delivered superb results. They even changed my chimney cap without charging extra for it.


Our Latest Masonry Restoration Project

Our Masonry Restoration Project

Our masonry restoration Chicago experts have recently completed our latest Skokie project, which was a success.

Brick office block with window caulking Chicago

Our Services

Our local tuckpointing Chicago based team provided this client with extensive tuckpointing and completed their masonry restoration.

New window caulking in Chicago

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If you like the results of our work, contact us and get a free on-site estimation.


Tuckpointing Chicago Services For You!

Chicago property owners are fortunate to have the expertise and experience that ART’S Tuckpointing and Masonry Restoration pride themselves in. Our masons are expertly trained and held to the high tuckpointing Chicago standards. Our restoration techniques are designed to repair the mortar joints in the brickwork making it stable and durable. Mortar is a mixture of cement and sand and water mixed into a paste that hardens and holds the bricks together. It also can be used to fill in gaps and sometimes it can be an arty-crafty feature on the wall. Chicago tuckpointing specialists at ART’S Tuckpointing and Masonry Restoration are the industry experts in masonry near me Chicago services.


Tuckpointing Chicago - Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiries and worries can come up while your brickwork and repointing work is being done, and our tuckpointing Chicago company is available to address them for you! Our repointing and masonry restoration Chicago based firm has obtained an excellent reputation for client approval.
Repointing is a vital procedure that consists of taking out and exchanging cement and mud/clay slabs that have been impaired over time. Our tuckpointing Chicago experts make use of particular equipment to guarantee superior standards of workmanship. By the time your project has been completed, the brick workmanship will look brand new!
If all the materials are properly secured, seepage issues have been rectified, and minute shifting of the materials (due to environmental conditions) has taken place, repointing ought to endure for many years, even tens of years.
Our firm takes pride in being able to provide smokestack and other repairs and renovations. Our brickwork fixing experts will examine the situation and potential depth of the work and begin to assist your house in achieving the appearance it should have.
Detecting the need for tuckpointing involves looking out for signs of mortar deterioration, such as cracks, crumbling, or gaps between bricks or stones. Additionally, indications like water seepage or a leaning appearance in the masonry suggest it’s time to consider tuckpointing services Chicago.
Affirmative! We appreciate that our householders require a stress-free job, and that is the reason why our chimney repair Chicago located company has all the necessary permits and insurance. We have a reputation for succeeding, and we continuously deliver a superior standard of work, thereby ensuring our clients are thrilled with the outcome.
Reviews of our tuckpointing services Chicago can be found on our website or on other portals. The link to the review sites can be found on the home page.
Regarding repointing, it’s preferable to engage an expert team to do the project for you. It needs meticulous work and specific expertise. The process uses laborious procedures, which only professional repointers can do. If you want an excellent outcome, engaging well-experienced artisans is the recommended route to take. They will create solid, sturdy, and enduring brick cement seals, which will provide good support for your building.
Yes, hiring a tuckpointing Chicago company that operates nearby to your home is important because they can provide quicker service, assess your specific local climate conditions, and have a better understanding of local building regulations, resulting in more effective and reliable tuckpointing Chicago services. Additionally, it may be easier to communicate and coordinate with a local company, ensuring a smoother overall experience for your project.
We quote each masonry Chicago service individually. Feel free to contact us by phone or through the contact form. We will be happy to make an estimate and answer any additional questions.